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SSB 21-5 Marine Antenna - Commander Technologies
yacht and sunrise
yacht and sunrise

Marine Antenna

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Product Line: SSB 21-5

  • 21 ft. single side band antenna

  • Twin to model VHF 21-5

  • Three piece construction

  • High Gloss Urethane Coating

  • Chromed Brass Ferrules

  • Standard Marine Threads (1-14)

  • ACC 5 or ACC 6 Recommended Mounts

  • ACC 7 Recommended Upper Support Mount

  • UPS shippable

  • Length: 21 Ft

  • VSWR: n/a

  • Gain: n/a

  • Max Power: 1KW

More Info:

To buy this antenna, use our dealer seach to find an authorized dealer near you. Feel free to contact us with model specific questions.